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Welcome To Idaho Bodywork

Idaho’s Massage and Relaxation

Idaho Bodywork offers Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, and Hot Stone Massage in Meridian, Idaho. Your satisfaction and relaxation are our goal. We have a full service menu to fit your massage needs. 



Each massage is tailored to your specific needs whether it is a relaxing sweedish, a structural deep tissue or a combination of the two. All massages come with free aroma therapy and are adjusted in pressure to meet the client’s needs and preferance.


60 Minutes

60 minutes is recommended if you want to just unwind for an hour or have 1 or 2 focus areas that need work.


90 Minutes

90 minute massage is recommended if you have 1 or two focus areas and still want a full body experience, or if an hour is not quite a long enough break.


120 Minutes

120 minutes is recommended if you have several focus areas that need work or if you need to escape the world for a couple hours.


Hot Stone Add On

Add Hot stones to any massage to promote a deeper relaxation and relieve stress.


5 Hour Package

5 Massages 60 Minutes long.


10 Hour Package

10 Massages 60 Minutes long


5 One Hour and Half Packages

5 Massages 90 Minutes long.


10 One Hour and Half Packages.

10 Massages 90 Minutes long.

$1 per minute

Focus Massages

10 to 30 Minutes

For this service please call
208.353.5178 to schedule.


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phone number: